The Ultimate Digital Marketer’s Toolkit: Unlock Peak Performance with 40+ Tools (2024)

Supercharge your digital marketing strategy! This ultimate toolkit equips you with 40+ efficient tools for maximizing campaign results in 2024.

Enhance your productivity! Make use of these effective digital marketing solutions to operate more efficiently, not more strenuously.

You acknowledge the necessity of software to elevate your digital marketing endeavors, yet among the multitude of applications available promising to enhance your marketing tactics, how can you ascertain which ones suit your needs?

Presenting an exhaustive compilation of over 40 top-notch digital marketing instruments spanning diverse categories, along with their merits and demerits, to assist in crafting your digital marketing arsenal.

Continue scrolling to discover more about the finest digital marketing tools or select a category to leap ahead.

The premier digital marketing solutions 

How we evaluate and appraise applications

Our selections of top apps are crafted by individuals who have dedicated significant portions of their professional lives utilizing, testing, and reviewing software. Unless expressly stated, we invest numerous hours exploring and testing applications, utilizing each app as intended and measuring it against the criteria we establish for the specific category. We never receive compensation for featuring any app in our articles or for linking to any website—we prioritize the faith readers have in us to provide genuine assessments of the categories and apps we assess. For more insights on our methodology, review the comprehensive breakdown of how we curate apps to showcase on the Zapier blog.

What constitutes digital marketing instruments? 

Digitized marketing instruments are applications that aid in attracting, engaging, selling, and retaining business online. You have probably encountered this term frequently, as it encompasses applications across virtually every marketing-related category—from social media to advertising to content enhancement. The concept is all-encompassing. 

Whether you are initiating your maiden business venture or aiming to expand an existing one, you likely require a set of digital marketing instruments—a technology stack for digital marketing—to assist you in prospering. 

How to pinpoint top-notch tool for digital marketing

There exists no ultimate digital marketing tool. Nor does a universally applicable starter ensemble exist. The optimal digital marketing tool hinges on various factors such as budget, team scale, and proficiency level. 

Therefore, rather than asserting to possess the definitive list, the objective here is to aid in identifying the best tools tailored to your distinct requirements. Suggestions encompass applications across diverse categories you are likely contemplating—and perhaps some you were unaware you needed. Should the recommended applications not meet all of your criteria, you will also discover valuable links to the finest apps for each category, enabling you to explore other promising alternatives. 

How do we substantiate the inclusion of these apps on this roster? The Zapier team and I have collectively invested thousands of hours testing myriad digital marketing platforms for our elite apps compilations, and these are the cream of the crop.

Skimming through premier digital marketing instruments

Product Name Category Main Feature Pricing
Unsplash Website and social media visuals Extensive repository of high-caliber images Free
Canva Website and social media visuals User-friendly editor with integrated AI functionalities Free plan accessible; commencing from $10/month
DALL·E 3 Website and social media visuals User-friendly AI image creation tool $20/month (inclusive with ChatGPT Plus)
Adobe Photoshop Photo and image enhancement Advanced photo editing and design features Commencing from $19.99/month
Pixlr E and X Photo and image enhancement User-friendly AI image editor Free plan accessible; commencing from $1.99/month
Buffer Social media oversight Straightforward scheduling for social media posts Free plan accessible; from $5/month/channel
FeedHive Social media oversight AI-powered content scheduling and situational posting Commencing from $19/month
Gamma Presentation creation Generative AI functionalities for presentations Free plan accessible; commencing from $8/user/month Presentation creation AI-driven automated design adaptations Commencing from $12/month
Zoom Webinar delivery Intuitive user experience Commencing from $79/month
Livestorm Webinar delivery Diverse customization options and feature-rich Free plan accessible; commencing from $79/month
Peech AI-generated video content AI-driven video creation and personalization Free plan accessible;
Wistia Video hosting Marketing-rich characteristics, lead generation tools Free package available; starting from $19/month
YouTube Video hosting Pre-existing viewership No cost for uploading and hosting videos
Wix Website maker AI-assisted website development Free plan accessible; starting from $17/month
Shopify Website maker Swift configuration, extensiveness Complimentary for 3 days; starting from $29/month (plus transaction charges)
Square Website maker Simplistic to market both in-person and online Free package available (plus transaction charges); starting from $29/month
Carrd Creating landing pages Complimentary package with fundamental features Free package accessible; starting from $19/year
Unbounce Building landing pages A/B testing and pinpointing tools Starting from $59/month
Zapier Interfaces Designing landing pages Rapid landing page establishment and automation Free; starting from $20/month
Ahrefs Keyword exploration Complimentary keyword exploration tools Free package accessible; starting from $83/month
ChatGPT AI chatbot Industry benchmark Gratis for GPT-3.5 Turbo; starting from $20/month
Gemini AI chatbot Immediate replies based on current affairs Complimentary
Manychat Creating chatbots Drag-and-drop editor and audience segmentation Free plan accessible; starting from $15/month
Zapier Chatbots Developing chatbots combined with automation Merging AI and automation Free package available; starting from $20/month
Google Forms Survey and form creation Straightforward, influential, and without charge Complimentary
Typeform Survey and form creation Interactive forms, advanced personalization, and embeddable chatbots Free package accessible; starting from $25/month
Jasper AI-integrated content generation Establishing brand voices and integration with SEO and performance ranking tools Starting from $39/month
Writesonic Content writing powered by AI GPT-4 generated content Starting from $16/month
Grammarly AI-driven content editing Customized style guide and plagiarism checker Free package accessible; starting from $12/month
Benchmark Email Email promotion User-friendly editor, landing page creator, and extensive data analysis Free package accessible; starting from $13/month
Mailchimp Email promotion User-friendly, all-inclusive promotion tools Free package accessible; starting from $13/month
ActiveCampaign Email promotion Advanced automated drip campaigns Starting from $29/month
SimpleTexting Marketing through SMS Integrated applications and connections for surveys, contests, and automation Starting from $39/month; $0.055 for additional credits
Sakari Marketing through SMS Cost-effective for outbound texts Starting from $16/month; $0.032 for extra SMS messages
Zoho CRM Plus CRM and lead oversight All-encompassing solution Starting from $57/user per month
HubSpot CRM and lead oversight Visual customer journey designer and extensive integrations Free package accessible; starting from $15/month
Brevo Automated marketing Automation for email, SMS, chat, and WhatsApp Free package accessible; starting from $22/month
Klaviyo Automated marketing User-friendly drag-and-drop user interface Free package accessible; starting from $30/month

The most excellent digital marketing tools for crafting website and social media visuals

The efficacy of captivating visuals in enhancing your brand’s digital representation and image cannot be overstated. The positive aspect is that you do not need to engage a designer or exhaust your budget to obtain these attention-grabbing graphics. Here is a list of the top instruments to aid you in producing top-notch visuals that will captivate your intended audience.

Unsplash for complimentary stock photos

Unsplash, our selection for the best digital marketing tools for fabricating website and social media visuals with no-cost stock images.

Featuring a collection of over three million images, Unsplash presents the most extensive repository of high-quality visuals spanning a broad spectrum of categories such as Business & Work, Travel, and People. Unlike other portals offering free stock imagery, Unsplash enables you to amass images that catch your eye into personalized collections—like "Festive" and "Mental health"—for use in subsequent campaigns or projects.

In addition, Unsplash offers an iOS application for on-the-go image hunting and downloading. Its API is seamlessly integrated into platforms like Figma, WordPress, and Squarespace, facilitating easy access to stock photos without leaving your preferred interfaces.

Unsplash pricing: No cost

Canva for layout-based designs

Canva, our selection for the best digital marketing tools for fabricating website and social media visuals with template-based designs.

Suppose you wish to incorporate uncomplicated textual overlays to stock images or modify your personal images for sharing on various social platforms. Canva, with its intuitive drag-and-drop editor, simplifies this process even for individuals with no design background.

Canva provides pre-built design frameworks for everyproperty you may necessitate, encompassing Instagram Reels, YouTube thumbnails, and presentations. This approach eradicates the need to start from scratch for every design. For a speedier workflow, leverage Canva AI—their AI-driven tools enable you to carry out tasks such as creating and modifying images based on text commands.

Canva pricing: Complimentary for restricted access to the majority of essential features like design templates, stock photos, and AI-powered design tools; $10/month (yearly billing) for Canva Pro, granting boundless access to a broader array of design templates, stock photos, and AI tools. 

DALL·E 3 for a user-friendly AI image generator 

DALL-E 3, our choice for the finest digital marketing tools in terms of an intuitive AI image generator.

DALL·E 3—the newest iteration of OpenAI’s AI image generator—holds several impressive attributes. However, its standout feature lies in its simplicity of operation, especially now that it’s integrated with ChatGPT. Just input your prompt (what you wish DALL·E to generate), click Generate, and within seconds, you’ll be presented with two AI-generated images to select from. DALL·E can be utilized to produce app mockups, brainstorm physical products, craft custom art pieces—the possibilities are vast. You can even make minor edits using natural language commands.

If you link DALL·E to Zapier, you can automate your AI image creation to produce images directly from your most frequently utilized apps. Discover more about streamlining art inspiration with DALL·E and Zapier, or kickstart with one of these workflows.

Slack + OpenAI (GPT-4, DALL-E, Whisper)

Further information

Enable this Zap to automatically develop an image with DALL.E based on new Slack messages. Subsequently, the generated image will be dispatched as a channel message in Slack to effortlessly enrich your team communication.

Discord + OpenAI (GPT-4, DALL-E, Whisper)

Further information

Create your personal AI image playground! Through this workflow, whenever a new message is posted in Discord, it will automatically be dispatched as a prompt to OpenAI to craft a new image with DALL-E, which will then be uploaded in your Discord channel. Effortlessly generate AI images in a collaborative setting.

DALL·E pricing: DALL·E 3 is encompassed as part of ChatGPT Plus at $20/month and obtainable for free through Microsoft Copilot

Find out additionalWays to automate AI image creation

The top digital marketing tools for adjusting photos 

Although AI image generators are entertaining to experiment with, typically what you genuinely require is an application to enhance your photos. Here are the leading digital marketing tools for manually enhancing photos or with some aid from AI

Adobe Photoshop for a potent photo editing and design app

Adobe Firefly, our pick for the top digital marketing tool to integrate AI-generated images into photos.

Regarding image editing tools, Adobe Photoshop holds the prime position for a valid reason: it constitutes the most robust all-encompassing image editing and design application available—and this includes its AI capabilities.

Photoshop incorporates the advanced features that professional designers necessitate, such as layers, masking, blending modes, and RAW support. What tasks of photo editing Photoshop cannot execute… remain to be unveiled. To expand the capabilities of the application, there’s a vast array of third-party plugins and extensions at your disposal. The sole drawback? The learning curve is steep. 

You can also pair Adobe Photoshop with Lightroom—another Adobe image editor tailored towards managing and processing photos. Lightroom integrates with Zapier as well, enabling you to automate your photo editing progressions. Below are a few suggestions to kick off your endeavors.

Google Drive + Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

In-depth information

Simplify your photo processing with this Google Drive to Adobe Photoshop Lightroom workflow. Whenever a fresh file is added to a specified folder in Google Drive, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom will promptly apply the AutoTone feature. This seamless integration reduces manual editing time and boosts workflow efficiency and productivity.

Dropbox + Adobe Photoshop Lightroom + Delay by Zapier

In-depth information

Facilitate your editing tasks by setting up this integration. Once activated, a novel file in your Dropbox account will automatically trigger Adobe Photoshop Lightroom to apply AutoTone for prompt adjustments to address tonal issues, followed by a status check. Keep your focus on more crucial tasks.

Adobe Photoshop pricing: From $19.99/month for the Photography Plan, encompassing Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. 

Pixlr E and X for an intuitive AI editor 

Pixlr, our selection for the top digital marketing tool as a complimentary Photoshop alternative.

To clarify, Pixlr E and Pixlr X are distinct applications: Pixlr E serves as the "advanced editor," while Pixlr X is the user-friendly option. Nevertheless, both apps are user-friendly. 

Pixlr E (depicted above) mirrors the industry leader, Photoshop, convincingly. Ranging from tool selection to layers and including features like blending modes and opacity settings, each aspect of Pixlr E functions akin to Photoshop. Pixlr X is akin to Adobe Express—providing a superb alternative for seasoned users and graphic amateurs alike to swiftly undergo simple edits. 

Both Pixlr E and X are spotlighted for their time-saving attributes when employed together. For instance, since Pixlr stores projects in a unified library, you can effortlessly transfer a photo to Pixlr X for rapid retouching.then return to Pixlr E for more advanced editing. 

Pixlr cost: No charge for restricted AI usage and 3 picture saves daily; starting at $1.99/month for Plus, providing 80 monthly AI credits, unrestricted saves, and ad-free experience.

The top digital marketing tools for managing social media accounts 

Social networks stand out as one of the most potent tools at your disposal to discover new customers, direct traffic to your site, and interact with clients. However, trying to achieve all of this using standard consumer applications is quite challenging. To do so effectively, you require a social media management application. Below are the finest tools for social media management that enable you to automate, analyze, and control your social media presence all in one location. 

Buffer for customizing posts for each platform

Buffer, selected as the top digital marketing tool for customizing posts for different platforms.

If you need to be present on numerous platforms and wish to tailor your posts for each of them, Buffer is the ideal tool for the task.

Once you compose a new post, the Artificial Intelligence Assistant identifies the social media platform you’re addressing and adjusts the content accordingly. After generating the initial option, you can navigate through more choices, request a rewrite, or utilize the expand/shorten functions as required. 

While the AI assistant is remarkable, the rest of the supporting features are equally robust. You can conduct multi-channel campaigns—similar to email marketing drip campaigns—thereby striking the perfect balance between recurring and fresh content.

Now that you’re transforming each concept into 10 tailor-made posts, it’s crucial to link Buffer to Zapier for moving data and activating automations as you rest. Discover how to automate Buffer with Zapier, or begin with one of the pre-designed workflows.

Additional information

It doesn’t matter if it’s your corporate blog, personal blog, a renowned news portal, or some exclusive, private RSS feed. With this Zap, all new RSS items will be automatically directed to Buffer!

Additional information

Automate social sharing for your material in Ghost and automatically forward new posts to your Buffer account.

Buffer cost: Free plan includes 3 platforms, 10 scheduled posts per platform, and 100 ideas; $5/month/platform (annual billing) for the Essentials plan, incorporating 2,000 scheduled posts, engagement tools, detailed analytics, and storage for 2,000 ideas.

FeedHive for content repurposing and conditional posting 

FeedHive, the preferred digital marketing tool for content repurposing and conditional posting.

Repurposing content is not only acceptable but advantageous. As your follower base expands, your new audience merits a comprehensive view of your values, while your long-time supporters could benefit from a reminder.

FeedHive serves as an excellent solution for this. It utilizes Artificial Intelligence to take posts you previously published and re-use them in a new post for the same or different platform. Additionally, it leverages AI to aid in optimizing your posts for maximum engagement.

In FeedHive, you can set up post categories, enabling you to establish a structured content schedule. For example, if you post how-to articles on Mondays, inspirational content on Wednesdays, and concise videos on Fridays, you can assign these categories on a weekly calendar. Subsequently, you can craft posts and allocate them to these categories, ensuring they are queued and delivered at the right time and place.

FeedHive cost: Creator package starts at $19/month for 4 social accounts featuring an AI Writing Assistant. AI hashtag suggestions and AI performance forecasts available only on higher-tier plans.

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Learn the ins and outs of utilizing social media automation to boost your content promotion and expand your marketing outreach.

The premium digital marketing tools for crafting presentations 

Crafting sleek presentations is a cumbersome and time-consuming endeavor—and that’s after you’ve mapped out your slides. If you’re delivering a basic presentation, the traditional choices like Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides will suffice. However, if you seek to swiftly produce professionally-designed slideshows that genuinely captivate your audience, consider the finest applications for creating presentations

Gamma for generative AI characteristics 

Gamma, the chosen digital marketing tool for designing presentations with generative AI.

Utilize Gamma to harness the potential of Artificial Intelligence in swiftly generating a complete deck within seconds. Simply provide the application with a topic—or upload an outline, notes, or any other document—select a presentation theme, and observe as your slides take form. 

The output may necessitate certain adjustments—Gamma is more inclined towards the interactive chatbot experience (akin to ChatGPT)—but it still offers a valuable starting point. Additionally, Gamma provides a couple of practical features to help you maintain your audience’s attention on the subject at hand: 

  • Content blocks: group your content into collapsible blocks directly on your slide, expanding them only when you’re ready to present. 

  • Spotlight: emphasize one talking point at a time, while Gamma automatically fades out the rest. 

Gamma cost: Complimentary Starter plan comprises unlimited users, 400 AI deck credits, and basic analytics; $8/user/month (annual billing) for the Plus plan offering unrestricted AI credits up to 15 cards and no "Made with Gamma" marking. for AI-driven design, our choice as the top digital marketing tool for creating AI-driven designs.

Should you require aid in making your data and concepts appear as striking as they deserve to, then is the tool for you. Just as the name implies, employs artificial intelligence to automatically enhance your presentations—from formats to alignment to minute spacing concerns. If you need to further modify your slides, the platform differs slightly from typical presentation software, yet it remains user-friendly. To exemplify, resizing an image can be done by simply dragging a handle to enlarge or reduce it.

Moreover, if you utilize Google Drive, you have the option to link it with for easy saving of all your presentations in your preferred cloud storage service, enhancing convenience when it comes to sharing and team cooperation.  

Pricing for ($12/month on annual billing for the Pro plan offering limitless slides, AI content creation, and PowerPoint compatibility; $40/user/month for the Team plan that includes additional collaboration and workspace functionalities, such as a communal asset library, and customized brand management.

The foremost digital marketing tools for orchestrating webinars

Webinars serve as a remarkable method to boost your brand recognition, advance leads through the sales funnel, and amplify your brand’s expertise. Nonetheless, hosting a successful webinar entails more than just crafting engaging content—you also need to invite and oversee participants, engage with your audience, and effectively lead the webinar. This is where webinar software proves its worth. Here are the leading webinar hosting solutions to assist you in streamlining and automating all the logistical aspects of a fruitful webinar.

Zoom for a familiar user experience

Zoom, our top choice for the supreme digital marketing tool for hosting webinars with a recognizable user experience.

Chances are you already find Zoom perfect for video conferences. The same aspects that render it outstanding for team interactions also render it optimal for hosting webinars, particularly if you intend to present numerous videos or feature a panel of speakers. 

Given Zoom’s widespread utilization, it is safe to assume that most people have it already installed and configured, simplifying the join-in process for your webinar to just a click away.

During your live webinar, Zoom provides additional features for creating an engaging session, including dual-screen views and interactive tools like Q&A, polling, and reactions. You can even integrate Zoom with Facebook and YouTube to expand your audience, or explore options to automate Zoom with Zapier for streamlining webinar tasks. Discover more about automation with Zoom or kickstart your processes using pre-built templates.

Further information

With this integration, you’ll never miss uploading a recording after a video call. This template will directly upload new Zoom recordings to Google Drive. Just choose the Drive and folder for your file placement. Get the know-how in our

Further information

When the time arrives, you’ll aim to engage in the dialogue promptly without worrying about setting up the meeting and sending out links. Allow Zapier to manage all that for you once you trigger this Zap. Every fresh event scheduled on Calendly will set off the automation, establishing a Zoom meeting for each. Add a step to your Zap for dispatching the Join URL to attendees via email or any other selected medium.

Pricing for Zoom Webinars: Commences at ($79/month (or )$690/year), encompassing up to 500 attendees and essential event analytics and reports.

Livestorm for orchestrating several webinars

Livestorm, our preferred digital marketing tool for conducting multiple webinars.

If you frequently host webinars, you necessitate an application that automatically manages your event calendar, alleviating your burden. Introducing: Livestorm. Besides seamless webinar schedule management and a user-friendly interface, Livestorm comes equipped with a comprehensive array of features required for a successful webinar that entices your audience for repeat participation:

  • Adjustable registration forms deployable via email, link sharing, or direct embedding on your website.

  • Pre-set, automated email workflows for each event, editable or sent as is.

  • Customizable call-to-action elements for real-time integration during the event.

Livestorm also presents detailed event metrics, empowering you to refine your webinar based on audience responses and engagement levels.

You can also integrate Livestorm with other tools utilizing Zapier. With the Livestorm and Zapier integration, you can automate notifications for new registrants and synchronize changes within your CRM data.

Livestorm + Google Sheets

Further information

If manually transferring attendee data feels cumbersome, Zapier can handle this for you. Once your Zap is activated and a Livestorm event concludes, this integration will automatically generate a new row on Google Sheets for each registrant. This ensures accurate tracking of participant details without manual entries.

Further information

Prefer utilizing your HubSpot landing pages over Livestorm registration pages? This integration streamlines the process by converting information from new HubSpot form entries into fresh registrants on Livestorm.

Livestorm pricing: Free plan includes up to 20-minute sessions and 30 live attendees per event; Pro plan commences at $79/month on annual billing, offering up to 4 hours per session, 100 live attendees per event, and HubSpot integration. 

The finest digital marketing tools for crafting and hosting videos

Given the increasing preference for videos over static visuals on social media platforms, businesses seeking success need to hop onto the video trend to reach their clientele. While incorporating another medium (and its accompanying efforts) may seem intimidating,AI video producers and video hosting services can assist in streamlining your workflow. Below are some excellent tools for this purpose. 

Speech for a seamless workflow  

Speech, our top choice for the finest digital marketing solution for creating AI videos for content marketing teams.

When addressing content creation, it is no longer sufficient to CO;TD (create once, customize distribution). Speech expedites the process of adapting a single asset to suit the specific technical specifications and target audience of each platform.  

For instance, you can emphasize particular lines from a webinar transcript, and Speech’s integrated AI functionalities (accessible solely on premium plans) will automatically convert them into videos complete with subtitles and adjusted to platform-specific proportions, ready for publication.

Speech pricing: The complimentary plan includes 2 downloads and 3 video uploads per month with a Speech watermark; the Creator plan at $89/seat/month (annual billing) provides 10 uploads and downloads monthly with a Speech watermark and a limited set of AI capabilities.

Discover more: Ways to automate your video post-production work

Clip for feature-rich marketing options

Clip, our top selection for the most exceptional digital marketing tool for video production and hosting enriched with marketing features.

If your main goal in video sharing is to create leads and maximize your return on investment, Clip is the ideal application for you. With Clip, you can restrict access to your content and leverage the app’s Turnstile email collector to encourage viewers to provide their email addresses, granting access to your video content. Once a viewer inputs their information, they are automatically appended to your email list through Clip’s email integrations, such as Campaign Monitor and Mailchimp. 

If you opt not to restrict access to your content, Clip offers various potent video marketing features, including annotation links, calls-to-action at the end of videos, and comprehensive video statistics. You can seamlessly link Clip with Zapier to automate your video hosting workflows. Below are convenient pre-built templates to kickstart your journey. 

Additional insights

Clip stands out as one of the premier video marketing platforms for marketers. It simplifies the process of collecting email addresses from video viewers. Utilize this integration between Clip and Google Sheets to store these leads in a Google Spreadsheet.

Additional insights

Rather than manually inputting new records whenever a fresh video is uploaded, leverage this automated flow between Clip and Google Sheets. Once configured, each time a new video is uploaded on Clip, Zapier will append a new row to your designated Google Sheets spreadsheet. Through this integration, you can automatically accumulate any desired video analytics.

Clip pricing: The free plan entails ten 15-minute videos bearing the Clip branding, basic video analytics, and integrations with Zoom and social media; $19/month (annual subscription) for the Plus plan including 20 30-minute videos without Clip branding, basic CTAs, and email integrations.

Vimeo for complimentary video hosting and its established viewership 

Vimeo, our top choice for the finest digital marketing tool for free video hosting and an existing audience.

If you aim to expand your reach, Vimeo is the optimal solution. Benefitting from the platform’s widespread renown and existing audience of over 120 million active daily fans keen on video content, all you need to do is improve the visibility of your videos in search results—or encourage viewers to "like and subscribe"—and you might cultivate an organic following.

Naturally, you also have the option to embed the videos on your website using a basic embed code—but bear in mind that every Vimeo video embedded on an external site retains its Vimeo appearance.

Upon pairing Vimeo with Zapier, you can systematically handle the manual duties that can otherwise make building your channel burdensome. Delve deeper into automating Vimeo operations, or commence your journey with one of these pre-established workflows. 

Additional insights

Never again fret about failing to share videos on Discord! Let Zapier manage the administrative tasks so you can dedicate your energy to creating compelling content. With a few simple actions, you can automatically share new Vimeo videos on a channel within your Discord server.

Additional insights

Given the constant creation and sharing of new video content, keeping pace is an arduous task! Eliminate the tedium of manually posting fresh Vimeo videos to your Facebook page by automating this procedure. Stay connected with your followers effortlessly without investing time in such tasks!

Vimeo pricing: Free for video uploads and hosting.

The finest digital marketing solutions for creating websites 

If you wish to enhance the visibility of your brand, you must have a website. Although crafting a website nowadays is not overly complex, it remains time-intensive. This is where website builders play a pivotal role. Below is the optimal free website construction tool that you can utilize to erect your site. 

Forge for an all-encompassing site constructor

Forge, our top selection for the premier digital marketing tool for building AI-driven websites.

If you require a website to conduct operations like retail sales, appointment scheduling, or blogging, Forge is a commendable choice. With the availability of numerous essential features on the complimentary tier, it stands out as an economical option. 

You can establish a website from the ground up, pick from over 800 design themes, or employ Forge’s Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) for instant site creation, incorporating AI-generated text and visuals. These robust AI capabilities are the reason Forge leads the pack among the top AI website builders. Customizing your site is a breeze with Forge’s drag-and-drop editor.Wix also provides comprehensive SEO capabilities to assist in enhancing your search rankings. While it may not substitute for hiring an SEO specialist, it does offer a valuable advantage.

Furthermore, Wix seamlessly integrates with Zapier, allowing you to automatically route form submissions to any destination of your choice. Explore tips on automating Wix, or utilize ready-made templates to kickstart your efforts.

Further details

This fusion instantly appends a new record to a designated Google Sheets spreadsheet whenever a new Wix Form is submitted. Eliminate the manual hassle of structuring your spreadsheet.

Further details

Effortlessly generate new contacts in your HubSpot account by utilizing this fusion. Configure it to automatically generate a new contact each time a new Wix Form is submitted.

Wix pricing: Free plan includes domain, and essential features; $17/month (billed annually) for the Light plan, which includes no Wix branding, a custom domain, and a light marketing suite.

Top digital marketing tools for creating eCommerce sites

Every business has its ideal setup—some excel in the online realm, while others prefer a personal touch. No matter your preference, the appropriate website builder simplifies the process of swiftly initiating online sales. Here are the finest eCommerce website builders to handle everything from product listings to payment processing to inventory management.

Shopify for quick setup

Shopify, our pick for the best digital marketing tool for quick eCommerce website building.

If your focus is online product sales, Shopify streamlines the process of establishing a web store swiftly. Using Shopify’s web application is intuitive: clear labels and functional buttons simplify operations. For instance, to add a product, just click Products in the sidebar, then press Add Product, complete the required details (e.g., product name, price, quantity), and you’re ready to sell.

While Shopify covers the basics effectively, its adaptability and app marketplace contribute significantly to its reputation and potency.

Shopify integrates with Zapier as well, offering seamless connections to various apps. Discover ways to automate Shopify, or jumpstart with predefined workflows.

Further details

This automation keeps track of new paid Shopify orders systematically. Once a customer places a new paid order on Shopify, Zapier will promptly log it to your Google Sheets, ensuring organized order management.

Further details

Convert first-time shoppers into repeat customers with this amalgamation. Simply set it up, and new Shopify customers will be incorporated into Google Ads custom lists, increasing the visibility of your advertising content to enhance sales effortlessly.

If Shopify’s advanced features exceed your requirements, explore alternative Shopify options.

Shopify pricing: Free trial for 3 days; $29/month (billed annually) for the Basic plan offering basic reports, shipping discount, and a credit card fee of 2.9% + $0.30 per online transaction.

Square for online and in-person sales

Square, our pick for the best digital marketing tool to build eCommerce websites to sell in person and online.

If your small business operates online and in-person, particularly in the U.S., Opt for Square. With Square’s free plan, creating a fully functional eCommerce store takes just minutes. Simply complete the business questionnaire, and Square will guide you through configuring your online store accordingly.

Square also provides basic email marketing functionalities for customer engagement, ad campaigns, and feedback collection—contributing to your revenue growth. It syncs online and offline products under a unified dashboard, simplifying inventory management.

However, Square’s lack of storefront customization options can limit the visual appeal of your site.

Square integrates with Zapier, allowing seamless connectivity to multiple apps. Explore effective ways to automate Square, and try out prefabricated workflows.

Square + Filter by Zapier + Wave

Further details

Ensure your bookkeeping stays updated with every card transaction. This fusion records every new sale made via Square as a transaction in Wave accurately. Sales income and payment card processing fees are captured separately, enabling precise records.

Further details

Save time and effort by setting up this Zapier integration for automated spreadsheet updates. Each new transaction on your Square account will be automatically logged onto a new row in a specified Google Sheets spreadsheet.

Square pricing: Free with a 2.9% + $0.30 transaction fee includes unlimited catalog, basic site layouts, marketing tools, and a Square-branded site; $29/month (billed annually) for the Plus plan with a 2.9% + $0.30 transaction fee includes a custom domain, advanced design features, with no Square branding.

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Top digital marketing tools for constructing landing pages

Landing pages area fantastic method to experiment with fresh concepts, in order to adjust to whatever resonates with your intended audience. As the pivotal aspect of landing pages is refinement, you require a landing page creator that can keep pace with the ideas generated by your mind. Below are the top landing page tools to assist you in crafting polished landing pages swiftly—potentially within a matter of minutes or hours.  

Carrd for creating complimentary landing pages 

Carrd, a top choice for optimal digital marketing tools for constructing complimentary landing pages.

If you necessitate the establishment of simple landing pages without incurring excessive costs, Carrd emerges as one of the finest alternatives available—and most of its fundamental functions are accessible for free. 

Choose a design theme for the landing page and commence editing. Though the majority of editing tools are user-friendly—for instance, maneuver content containers easily in a snap-and-fit motion—modifying text isn’t as straightforward: selecting the text is required, followed by editing within the sidebar. Nevertheless, Carrd does offer support for Markdown formatting to expedite copy customization. 

To incorporate marketing components such as forms and third-party widget embeds like Stripe and PayPal for processing payments, an upgrade to the Pro Standard plan is necessary. Nonetheless, priced at $19/year, it remains a reasonably affordable option. 

Carrd pricing: The free plan facilitates access to core features of Carrd and permits creation of 3 sites featuring "Made with Carrd" branding; $19/year for the Pro Standard plan includes operation of up to 10 sites devoid of branding, personalized domain URLs, and Google Analytics. 

If you desire a cost-free alternative granting usage of your personalized domain, consider exploring Google Sites. While it is comparatively more constrained compared to Carrd in various aspects, it offers features without any paid barriers.

Unbounce suitable for small enterprises with financial constraints 

Unbounce, a prime choice for top digital marketing tool for formulating landing pages catering to budgetary restrictions of small businesses.

Unbounce encompasses an array of landing page functionalities that fulfill all conceivable requirements: design templates, drag-and-drop creator, AI-driven utilities—including Smart Builder, which automatically crafts a landing page based on its anticipated usage—and even pop-up notifications and persistent bars.

However, Unbounce truly shines in its A/B testing and targeting utilities. For instance, it enables the dynamic replacement of text on your page, thus allowing for alteration of the headline to reflect alternative terms such as "Apps for Human Resource Management" or "Tools for HR Management," depending on the search query. 

Nonetheless, Unbounce does come with a relatively high price tag—and an intricate learning curve. Nevertheless, if you are willing to invest the necessary time, Unbounce will certainly prove its worth.

Considering the substantial investment involved, ensuring leads are channeled appropriately is imperative. Establish a link between Unbounce and Zapier, thereby automating the addition of new leads to your CRM, event marketing, or email marketing tool. Delve deeper into automating Unbounce, or embark on your journey with one of the provided templates. 

More information

Refrain from manual exports. Automation can maintain an inventory of all form responses while you concentrate on meaningful work. Once activated, this integration will trigger with each new form submission on Unbounce, thereby adding a new row on Google Sheets for each one—bid farewell to the hassle of copy/pasting. 

Unbounce + ActiveCampaign

More information

Ensure your prospects receive your latest updates promptly. Upon activation, this integration will automatically enlist every fresh respondent from your Unbounce form into the pertinent ActiveCampaign list, ensuring your updates never slip past the users’ notice!

Unbounce pricing: ($59/month (annually billed) for the Build plan inclusive of limitless landing pages, 1 domain, and 20,000 monthly visitors; )$112/month for the Experiment plan inclusive of dynamic text replacement, limited AI functionality, and A/B testing.

Explore more: Automate operations for optimal utilization of landing pages

Zapier Interfaces for expediting the construction of landing pages

Zapier Interfaces, selected as the premium digital marketing utility for streamlining your landing page operations.

Zapier Interfaces empowers you to design landing pages either from scratch or by utilizing an expanding assortment of templates. All your data is then preserved within Zapier Tables (a no-code cloud database). 

What distinguishes Zapier Interfaces from rival landing page generators is its synchronization with your Zaps (automated processes). You can incorporate buttons at various junctures within your landing page flow to initiate a Zap, thereby making your landing page the kickoff point for automation and data transmission. 

You need not abandon your existing applications either. Through the Zapier Interfaces integration, you have the freedom to connect your favored tools and update your data automatically with the most recent information. This way, tasks such as forwarding leads generated through your landing page directly to your email marketing tool become feasible.

Zapier Interfaces + Google Sheets

More information

Facilitate time-saving and organization with this template that systematically records new form submissions from Zapier Interfaces in Google Sheets. Post setup, every fresh form entry will create a row within your designated Google Sheets spreadsheet. Centralizing all your form data in one location eliminates the need for manual data entry, granting immediate insights into the collected information.

Zapier Interfaces + Email by Zapier

More information

Annoyed with the manual effort of managing emails for each new form submission? This automation is geared towards streamlining your workflow. Whenever a new form submission is initiated within Zapier Interfaces, an email will be dispatched automatically utilizing Email by Zapier. By embracing this automated solution, you can enhance efficiency, save time, and ensure seamless functioning of your email processes.


**Cost: Free; Additional advanced customization and configuration options are available for an extra $20 per month.** 


The top digital marketing tools for performing keyword analysis 

In a fiercely competitive market, any effort to enhance your visibility in search results is advantageous. By utilizing the appropriate keyword exploration tool, you can effortlessly pinpoint the ideal keywords to focus on—without exceeding your budget. Here is the finest free keyword research utility to simplify and optimize your research procedure. If you seek more than just keyword research, there is an array of other SEO utilities to pick from:

Ahrefs Complimentary SEO Applications for straightforward SEO tools

Ahrefs Free SEO Tools, our selection for the most excellent digital marketing instrument for free keyword research.

Ahrefs Free SEO Tools can manage nearly all fundamental SEO operations: keyword research, indeed, but also backlink creation, rank monitoring, and SEO evaluations. Among the assortment of utilities, the comprehensive suite of complimentary SEO applications incorporates a Free Keyword Generator (up to 150 keyword concepts), Keyword Difficulty Checker (difficulty rating, backlink approximation, and fundamental SERP analysis), and Keyword Rank Checker. 

Even though these complimentary utilities may not deliver the same thorough data as a paid plan, they still present a considerably extensive toolkit at no cost. Furthermore, in the event of any financial adjustments, upgrading is always possible.

Ahrefs cost: Free; $83/month (annual billing) for the Lite package including 500 credits monthly, 5 keyword lists, and AI-driven keyword suggestions.

The most exceptional AI chatbots for conducting marketing studies

If you are just commencing a business or redefining your marketing tactics, a substantial amount of research is required to formulate customer personas, identifying rivals, and garnering insights on how to exploit existing market gaps. However, you don’t have to tackle all the groundwork alone. Here are the optimal AI chatbots to employ for preliminary-stage marketing research

ChatGPT for the industry-leading standard 

ChatGPT, our choice for the most exceptional AI chatbot for market analysis.

ChatGPT has been at the forefront of the chatbot discussion ever since its emergence in late 2022. The application is exceedingly user-friendly: input your prompt and observe as ChatGPT generates a response within mere seconds. 

A significant point to stress is that ChatGPT should not be solely utilized as a standalone research instrument, particularly since it is recognized to produce factually incorrect replies. Instead, you may discover it more beneficial for brainstorming blog concepts, composing extensive articles or business correspondences, and conceiving content marketing notions. 

Opting for the more potent GPT-4 model (available in paid packages) provides increased flexibility—it is trained on a significantly larger dataset and offers improved precision in generating written content. With a subscribed plan, you can also construct your bespoke ChatGPT, trained with your unique source data.

By linking ChatGPT with Zapier, you can seamlessly incorporate ChatGPT into your current procedures. Find out more about automating ChatGPT, or start with one of these illustrations. 

Further details

Eager to integrate ChatGPT’s capabilities into your Slack environment? Utilize this Zap to establish a conversational bot enabling you to interact with ChatGPT directly within Slack upon a prompt being posted in a specific channel. Now, your team can obtain responses without exiting Slack.

Further details

Need assistance in composing email replies? This integration ensures that upon receipt of a new client email, ChatGPT will draft a response and save it automatically as a Gmail draft. This Zap empowers you to send more well-crafted, swift email responses to your prospects and clients, fueled by AI.

ChatGPT cost: Free for GPT-3.5 Turbo; $20/month for ChatGPT Plus, granting access to the most recent GPT model and general usage of ChatGPT, even during peak activity periods.

Gemini for an enhanced research encounter

Gemini, our choice for the optimal digital marketing utility to enhance your research experience.

Google Gemini (formerly known as Google Bard) offers much of what ChatGPT does, but quicker and at no cost. However, the distinguishing features that truly set it apart are: 

  • Real-time information: Gemini operates with Gemini Pro and can provide responses based on live, current events. 

  • Data exportation: You can export your Gemini responses to a Google Doc or Gmail draft—fully formatted and ready for use.  

  • Web visuals: Alongside creating AI visuals at no charge, Gemini can showcase relevant visuals from Google Search. Clicking on a picture will prompt Gemini to open the webpage with the image source in a new browser tab.

By utilizing Zapier’s Google Vertex AI and Google AI Studio integrations, you can access the model poweringGemini from each of the applications utilized at your workplace. It may have somewhat lesser relevancy for the standard user, but it gets the job done. Here are a couple of instances to kickstart your journey.

Facebook Messenger + Google AI Studio (Gemini)

Additional information

To efficiently organize your customer interactions on Facebook Messenger, follow this structured system. Whenever a fresh message is dispatched to your page, it generates a prompt in Google AI Studio (Gemini), ensuring a prompt and efficient response. By leveraging this procedure, you can boost the efficiency of your customer service, utilizing automation to refine your communication pipeline.

Google Sheets + Google Vertex AI

Learn more

To streamline your data analysis swiftly, adopt this effective mechanism. Upon detecting a new or updated row in your Google Sheets, the content will be instantly transferred to Google Vertex AI for text data categorization. This not only saves time but also heightens the precision of your text classification duties, leading to more refined business insights.

Google Bard costs: Access is free to users. 

Explore more: Gemini vs. ChatGPT

The top digital marketing utilities for crafting your customized chatbot 

In today’s era, almost all websites are equipped with an integrated chatbot solution to respond to customer inquiries. Chatbots expedite the process for customers to locate their desired information swiftly, thereby enhancing the probability of continued collaboration—a true win-win scenario. Also, constructing chatbots has become more accessible than ever owing to a variety of no-code platforms available. Check out the best chatbot constructors.   

Manychat for an uncomplicated bot development journey

Manychat, our pick for the top digital marketing tool for crafting chatbots.

With an intuitive drag-and-drop editor and a cost-effective pricing structure, Manychat is a reliable choice for shaping your personalized chatbot. Even with a free package, you gain entry to numerous features that are generally billed by other chatbot fabricators: audience segmentation, growth tools, and infinite chatbot conversational flows. However, the Manychat branding is attached to your chatbot. 

Opt from a pool of over 25 blueprints, and fine-tune them utilizing a vast array of available triggers and actions. Armed with Manychat’s visual editor that doesn’t require coding (think: flowchart), comprehending conversation pathways based on various responses or actions becomes effortless. 

Manychat is compatible with popular platforms like Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, and SMS. The lone drawback is that the website widget redirects individuals to Messenger instead of providing an inbuilt chat box, which can be deemed frustrating. 

As of now, Manychat doesn’t embed any GPT-powered traits within its framework—yet you can integrate it manually. Alternatively, you can link Manychat via Zapier to your array of applications to extract additional value from it. Learn how to automate Manychat utilizing Zapier, or commence with the available pre-built workflows.

Learn more

If you’ve been manually transferring new subscribers from ManyChat to Google Sheets, this Zap will erase all that monotonous legwork in a snap! Enable this integration, and Zapier will automate the transmission of your subscriber’s details to Google Sheets, generating a new row in a designated sheet for each subscriber’s information.

Discover more

Stop squandering time on manual updates of new subscribers in your email listings. Activate this automation to uphold your email marketing catalog whenever fresh subscribers are appended to ManyChat. This Zapier merger will establish a new AWeber subscriber each time a new ManyChat subscriber joins in.

Manychat costs: Free for up to 1,000 contacts; $15/month for the Pro scheme, encompassing added channels, analytical tools, and devoid of Manychat branding.

Zapier Chatbots for developing a complimentary chatbot

Zapier Chatbots, our choice for the supreme digital marketing tool for constructing GPT-fortified chatbots.

Zapier’s no-cost AI Chatbot empowers you to fabricate customized AI-driven chatbots infused with the prowess of GPT. Creating a chatbot is a breeze: assign it a name, a potential salutation, and a prompt placeholder to guide users on the next steps, then set the directive. The directive should outline the chatbot’s identity, knowledge scope, and response protocol. You can even instruct the bot by referencing specific documents, thus enabling it to serve as a knowledge repository based on your materials. Moreover, you can expedite the setup process by leveraging a ready-to-use template such as the Customer Service bot, the Lead Gen bot, or the Sales Support bot.

Post the creation of your chatbot, distribute it through a direct link or embed it on your website with Chatbots premium subscription.

You can also mesh Zapier Chatbots with the remainder of your tech stack. Here are a couple of suggestions to ignite your journey.

Zapier Chatbots + Telegram

Discover more

Engage in a series of actions by leveraging a chatbot button. Suppose you aim to dispatch a Telegram message promptly upon button click — this uncomplicated flow will handle it for you! Every time a chatbot button is triggered within the Zapier Chatbots app, a rapid message will wing its way through the Telegram app. It offers a competent automation strategy to ensure timely responses each time, sustaining communication efficiency.

Zapier Chatbots + Google Sheets

Discover more

Simplify your data management regimen with a simple button tap within the Zapier Chatbots app; initiating the inception of a fresh spreadsheet in your Google Sheets. This streamlined data management feature economizes your time by consolidating all data in one centralized hub. With this framework, your data monitoring becomes effortless, fostering seamless operations.

Zapier Chatbots costs: Complimentary scheme includes 2 GPT-3.5 powered chatbots; commencing at $20/month for 5 chatbots, 1 knowledge repository, and the ability to embed it on your site.

Zapier Central for collaborating seamlessly with AI bots

An exclusive preview of Zapier Central.

Suppose you harness Zapier’s automation for scaling up your operations; in that case, AI can lend a hand in enhancing that process by.exploring, decoding, and putting into action data. Zapier Central consolidates everything in one place.

Central is a groundbreaking AI workspace that enables you to train AI bots on how to handle tasks—without the need for any code. These bots can automate tasks seamlessly across all your preferred applications.

Think of these bots as your small allies aiding you with specific assignments, such as interpreting data or composing responses to clients. By engaging directly with AI, you can educate them by showing the exact actions to take—without relying on a single line of code.

Current pricing for Zapier Central: Complimentary during the public preview phase

The top digital marketing tools for developing forms and questionnaires

Internet forms and surveys serve as some of the finest methods to acquire necessary data from your target audience. However, your capacity to construct a quality survey depends on the tools you possess. Whether you are generating a simple registration form or an elaborate market research survey, below are the finest tools for crafting forms and surveys, allowing you to gather crucial data—and subsequently take action. 

Google Forms for expediently creating potent forms without charge

Google Forms, our favored choice for the top free form generator enabling quick form production

At the unbeatable cost of free and limitless features (forms, queries, submissions, and collaboration), Google Forms is a tough contender. The application offers the same straightforward yet robust interface you may be familiar with if you use other Google applications like Google Docs and Google Sheets

You have the option to design a form from the ground up. Alternatively, to expedite the form creation process, Google Forms provides 17 form templates, each pre-filled with predefined questions that you can adjust. As you make modifications, Google Forms tries to predict the type of queries you’re incorporating into the form and adjusts it accordingly. For instance, if you type, "How would you rate…", Forms will automatically switch the query type to linear scale. Need advanced features like skip logic? It’s there, though discreet. 

When the responses start inundating, you can view them in the form of charts, pie graphs, or simple listings (based on the type of query), facilitating better comprehension of the data. 

Subsequently, you can link Google Forms to Zapier to ensure the data reaches the correct destination. Here are some concepts for automating Google Forms. Alternatively, you can kickstart with one of these models.  

Further specifications

Post someone completing your form or survey, engaging with them via email is a crucial element of the process. If a person invests time in providing you with information, reciprocating with thanks or further queries is essential. Automate this course of action with Zapier, allowing the initial follow-up email to be dispatched automatically.

Additional details

Upon someone submitting a form through Google Forms, you presumably have a list of tasks regarding that new information. With this linkage, there’s no necessity to manually generate those activities in your task management app each time, or agonize about forgetting them! Let Zapier automation handle it for you by automatically preserving new responses from Google Forms as Trello cards.

Google Forms pricing: Free for unlimited access to features. 

Typeform for conversational forms 

Typeform, our top pick for the premium digital marketing tool for newcomers to generate surveys.

If you seek a form constructor offering enhanced capabilities such as advanced customization, embeddable chatbots, and intricate logic pathways, Typeform stands as a commendable choice for novices and experienced survey developers. 

To enhance your utilization of the responses, Typeform provides the option to tag submissions, enabling you to categorize them under your own criteria, or even appending tasks if a response necessitates follow-up actions. 

You likewise have the opportunity to connect Typeform to Zapier, ensuring all your Typeform data reaches the intended recipients, and even scheduling automated follow-ups. For further inspiration, browse through other methods to automate Typeform. Alternatively, hit a template to initiate. 

More specifications

In the aftermath of an individual submitting a form on your platform, you often wish to get an email notification or dispatch a follow-up email to the respondent. This Zapier automation adeptly manages both tasks, dispatching an email (modifiable)—either to you or the form filler—upon a new form entry submission.

Typeform + Email by Zapier

Additional details

Stay informed about new leads to enable prompt action. This connection aids in dispatching an outbound email automatically when a fresh entry is recorded in Typeform. It promotes more efficient follow-ups with potential leads.

Typeform pricing: Free for a maximum of three surveys with ten questions each; opting for the Basic plan at $25/month (annual billing) grants you unlimited forms and questions, along with up to 100 responses monthly.

The finest digital marketing tools for AI-facilitated content composition and editing

You’re likely acquainted with ChatGPT as the foremost AI text generator tool currently available. Yet, if you seek to experiment with AI-powered writing assistants, here are the top AI-driven tools to elevate your writing and editing efforts. 

Jasper for crafting extensive content

Jasper, our top choice for the finest digital marketing tool to produce long-form content with an AI writing generator.

Jasper stands out as an AI-driven writing helper and a ChatGPT rival touted for its ability to craft top-notch marketing materials of varying lengths. However, quality comes with a price: Jasper is considered one of the more expensive AI text synthesizers on the market.

Similar to most AI text generators, Jasper can be instructed to formulate content based on a specific framework, such as a blog entry, social media advertisement, or eCommerce product descriptions. Alternatively, users can begin from zero within a Google Docs-esque editor. With Jasper leveraging premium grammar, language, and plagiarism tools, you’ll receive a solid initial draft right off the bat. 

Jasper is also capable of being trained to write in distinct brand "tones," thereby enabling it to yield different outputs based on the intended platform. Keen on optimizing your content for search engines? Jasper syncs seamlessly with SEO and performance evaluation tools, streamlining the process of ensuring you generate the most effective content possible.

Jasper integrates harmoniously with Zapier, facilitating the connection to all other platforms utilized at work and essentially putting your AI content creation on cruise control. Learn more about automating Jasper, or explore one of the predefined workflows below.

Dropbox + Jasper + YouTube

Discover more

Eager to swiftly upload Dropbox files to Youtube with input from Jasper? Activate this integration to add titles and a video description to your Youtube uploads. + Jasper + Google Docs

Discover more

Leverage Jasper’s capabilities within your workspace by authoring blog post content directly from there. This Zap triggers automatically when a specific column value in is modified, prompting Jasper to generate relevant content using the Create a Blogpost API. Once the content is composed, it gets saved as a document in Google Docs and updates the task in, marking it as completed, assigning a date, and including a document URL.

Discover more

Details on Jasper pricing: (Month-to-month cost of $39 for the Creator plan, offering 1 seat, 1 brand persona, and the capability to save content templates; $59 monthly for the Pro plan includes 10 knowledge assets, 3 brand personas, and resources for 3 marketing initiatives.)

Writesonic for GPT-4 content

Writesonic, our top choice for the finest digital marketing tool for creating GPT-4 content.

If staying updated with the most recent AI models is crucial to you, Writesonic is the ideal application. Writesonic provides functionalities characteristic of standard AI text generators, like a user-friendly editor akin to Google Docs, pre-designed templates, and a browser extension. Nevertheless, what makes it stand out is its ability to dynamically switch between various AI models to produce top-quality results.

To further enhance productivity, Writesonic features an AI article writer that crafts blog posts optimized for search engines, complete with internal links, and allows customization of the length (up to 5,000 words).

You can also link Writesonic with Zapier to automate more aspects of your content creation workflow. Learn more about streamlining Writesonic processes, or start with one of the provided workflows.

Discover more

Prevent content loss by automatically forwarding the content produced in Writesonic to a Google Doc. This facilitates seamless collaboration among team members with consolidated written content.

Discover more

Enhance efficiency and save time in content production through this automation. Once configured, each time new content is published in Writesonic, a draft email is created in Gmail without manual intervention. This workflow streamlines the transfer of content, allowing creators to focus on developing compelling copies across platforms hassle-free.

Details on Writesonic pricing: The free trial permits 25 generations monthly and 25 credits (one-time) for using advanced features such as AI Article Writer; the Individual plan, priced at $16 monthly (billed annually), includes Writesonic, Chatsonic, Photosonic (AI image generator), and other advanced functionalities.

Learn more: Writesonic vs. Jasper

Grammarly for comprehensive editing

Grammarly, our top pick for the finest digital marketing tool for utilizing AI to check grammar.

Once you have a near-final draft ready, it’s time to refine and edit. The prime choice for the task, without a doubt on accuracy, is Grammarly, the best AI grammar checking tool. Grammarly comes equipped with all essential editing features, including spell checking, grammar correction, custom style guide, and plagiarism detection. While lacking the feature of sentence rephrasing within the document, you can utilize its Free Paraphrasing Tool for that purpose.

Occasionally, the suggested edits may not be entirely accurate. For instance, Grammarly may consistently recommend changing "lululemon" to "Lululemon" (which deviates from the company’s official naming convention). However, with a business plan, you can create a style guide tailored to your organization, which Grammarly considers when providing feedback on your writing.

The recent addition of a generative AI tool, GrammarlyGO, incorporates additional editing features, such as identifying writing gaps, offering improvement suggestions, and highlighting the main points. While not exceedingly insightful presently, it’s promising to observe Grammarly’s ongoing tool enhancements.

Details on Grammarly pricing: The free version includes basic writing suggestions and 100 GrammarlyGO prompts per month; the Premium plan, priced at $12 monthly, encompasses full-sentence rewrites, plagiarism detection, and 1,000 GrammarlyGO prompts per month.

The top digital marketing resources for email promotion

Email promotion resources enable you to leverage one of the most efficient marketing outlets: email. These platforms facilitate direct interaction with your desired clientele, send appropriate messages to specific individuals at the correct moment, and acquire valuable data on customer actions. From disseminating email bulletins to sequence campaigns and the technology that fuels it all, here are the finest resources for email promotion.

Benchmark Email for a comprehensive email marketing application

Benchmark Email, our choice for the top digital marketing tool for a comprehensive email newsletter software.

If you seek a potent email bulletin platform, Benchmark Email is an excellent selection. This application encompasses everything: user-friendly automation, segmenting, and an exceptionally intuitive editor.

Craft a newsletter from scratch, import a previous email for modification, or choose from almost 100 well-crafted email templates, then modify it using the drag-and-drop editor. Additionally, you can construct landing pages to help expand your subscriber base utilizing the same drag-and-drop editing tools.

Benchmark Email also furnishes thorough analytics on interactions such as opens, clicks, bounces, and opt-outs. Moreover, you can delve deeper with a click map of your email content and individual-level engagement.

Upon integrating Benchmark with Zapier, you can automate tasks such as incorporating new subscribers into your mailing list and verifying email addresses. Here are a few examples to get you moving.

Jotform + Benchmark Email

Further details

Easily gather new subscribers utilizing JotForm and this Zapier amalgamation. Whenever a new form submission is received, a new contact will be established in Benchmark Email with the provided details. Do not fret about connecting your form to your email tool; we have handled it for you.

Facebook Lead Ads + Benchmark Email

Further details

Imagine seamlessly following up your Facebook Lead Ads with professional Benchmark Email marketing campaigns. Utilize this integration to automatically convert interested Facebook leads into email marketing subscribers.

Benchmark pricing: Complimentary for up to 500 contacts, 3,500 emails/month, and fundamental features; commences at $13/month for the Pro package, comprising up to 500 contacts, 7,500 emails/month, landing pages, and A/B testing.

Read more: Ideas for automating email marketing

Mailchimp for a reputable brand  

Mailchimp, our option for the top digital marketing tool to design free email bulletins.

At this juncture, Mailchimp is practically synonymous with "email promotion platform"—and rightly so: it presents a magical blend of powerful features, user-friendliness, and affordability. The application features a landing page constructor, customer journey visualization, list division, retargeting adverts, and even A/B testing—all within its no-cost scheme.

Once you are ready to surpass the capabilities of the complimentary plan, Mailchimp makes scaling feasible with three distinct paid tiers. Additionally, Mailchimp is capable of managing email campaigns of any magnitude: if you can afford to let it evolve with you, you will never need to switch to another application.

In addition to all this, Mailchimp also supplies other marketing utilities for social media, eCommerce, lead forms, landing pages, and websites, rendering it an all-in-one tool for your marketing requisites. Furthermore, you can link Mailchimp to Zapier to automate your email promotion workflows. Here are some initial concepts to kickstart your progress.

Further details

Google Sheets + Mailchimp

Further details

Following the activation of this integration, Zapier will instantly append new subscribers to your Mailchimp list when they are added to a new row in a spreadsheet.

Mailchimp pricing: Complimentary for up to 500 contacts and up to 1,000 dispatches/month with restricted features; begins at $13/month (charged annually) for the Essentials package, encompassing access to all email templates, tailored branding, expanded automation capabilities, and A/B testing functionality.

ActiveCampaign for sophisticated drip email campaign automations

ActiveCampaign, our selection for the top digital marketing tool for advanced drip email campaign automations.

If you necessitate crafting personalized journeys for your subscribers, the myriad triggers, conditions, and actions ActiveCampaign provides make it the preeminent email drip campaign tool for this task.

The application encapsulates all the anticipated traits of an email promotion platform, but its standout element is this: you can include a "Goal," acting as an objective monitor. When the objective is achieved—such as a customer buying a spot in your workshop—you can have the automation bypass the remaining nurturing sequence and instead transition them to the workshop preparation sequence.

ActiveCampaign elevates the offerings by featuring rudimentary CRM capabilities, live chat widget and messenger integrations to append to your website, and a website tracking code for data collection.

In order to enhance your ROI, you can also unify ActiveCampaign with Zapier. Amplify your subscriber tally by importing leads from various origins. Gain insight into how to automate ActiveCampaign or commence with one of these blueprints.

Acuity Scheduling + ActiveCampaign

Further details

Calendly + ActiveCampaign

Additional information

When a meeting participant schedules a meeting, you often aim to include or update a contact in different tools to effortlessly stay connected with them. By using this handy Zapier integration, you can automatically transfer new Calendly meeting schedulers to ActiveCampaign without manual intervention.

ActiveCampaign pricing: Begins at $29/month (when billed annually) for the Marketing Lite plan, providing email campaigns for up to 1,000 contacts and essential automation features; begins at $49/month for the Plus plan, which includes eCommerce, analytics, SMS marketing, and abandoned cart automation.

Learn more: ActiveCampaign vs. Mailchimp

Top digital marketing solutions for SMS marketing 

If you own a small business, SMS stands out as one of the optimal methods to maintain communication with your clientele. SMS marketing applications enable you to dispatch order confirmations, appointment reminders, and exclusive offers via text messages. Better yet, your clients can reply directly. Here are the finest SMS applications for small enterprises.

SimpleTexting for effortless SMS marketing campaigns 

SimpleTexting, our top choice for the best digital marketing tool for smooth SMS marketing campaigns.

If you aim to swiftly execute an SMS marketing campaign, SimpleTexting is the optimal option. It boasts an intuitive user interface, with all features accessible from the main screen—you may even navigate without the need for tutorials. It’s that simple. 

While direct customer contact is possible, SimpleTexting primarily focuses on user-friendly marketing campaigns, allowing you to broadcast the same message to all individuals on a list. Also, SimpleTexting facilitates more advanced marketing strategies such as conducting surveys, polls, and sweepstakes.

Various other valuable features are also available. You can set up an auto-reply for instances when a customer texts you outside business hours, and the most economical plan includes three user seats for team collaboration. You can leave comments on conversations or assign them to your colleagues. Overall, it offers a comprehensive solution.

SimpleTexting also integrates with Zapier, enabling tasks such as automatically sending SMS messages to new leads and adding subscribers to a SimpleTexting list. Below are a few concepts to kickstart your usage.  

Further details

Desiring a simple method to monitor incoming texts to your enterprise and comprehend their content? Just establish this Zapier integration for SimpleTexting and Slack. Once activated, any text messages to the number linked with your SimpleTexting account will directly surface on the designated Slack channel.

Facebook Lead Ads + SimpleTexting

Additional information

Facebook Lead Ads are an efficient approach to expand your audience. However, merely identifying individuals interested in your offering is insufficient—you must cultivate relationships with them. Text messages form a powerful medium to continue the dialogue. Seamlessly dispatch tailored texts to fresh leads with this combination of Facebook Lead Ads and SimpleTexting.

SimpleTexting pricing: Starting from $33.20/month (billed annually) plus a $4 one-time carrier registration for 500 credits to send messages (incoming messages are complimentary). Additional credits are priced at $0.055 on the introductory plan; higher-volume plans are available in case of increased messaging needs.

Sakari for a cost-effective alternative 

Sakari, our preferred choice for the best digital marketing tool for an affordable SMS marketing application.

If your primary focus is dispatching outbound text messages to clients, e.g., booking confirmations, delivery notifications, and similar messages, Sakari stands out as one of the top options—and might even provide cost savings.

Sakari serves as a comprehensive SMS messaging application with a stellar web-based platform, offering standard features like bi-directional texts, autoreply configurations, and creation of marketing campaigns—the feature list is extensive. 

What distinguishes Sakari is its pricing. Commencing at $16/month for 500 SMS messages sent or received. Extra messages commence at $0.032, compared to SimpleTexting’s rate of $0.055 on the basic plan—and the variance escalates with higher message quantities.

Currently, Sakari boasts only 11 app integrations. Yet, when you link Sakari with Zapier, you can unlock access to thousands more integrations. Here are a few suggestions to jumpstart your utilization. 

ServeManager + Filter by Zapier + Sakari SMS

Further information

Notify an employee by sending a text message with Sakari SMS when a ServeManager job is generated, for which they bear responsibility. This template simplifies the process of alerting field employees who have limited access to email.

Weather by Zapier + Sakari SMS

More details

Planning your day according to weather forecasts has never been easier! Through this integration, you will automatically receive daily text messages containing the weather outlook for your location, encompassing high and low temperatures, and rain probability.

Sakari pricing: Starting from $16/month for the Starter package which incorporates 500 messages sent or received, one free number, unlimited users, and contacts; additional SMS messages priced from $0.032.

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Top digital marketing tools for CRM and lead management

Is your current lead management solution disconnected from how you truly engage with your potential customers and leads? Here are the most effective customer relationship management (CRM) and lead management applications to assist you in standardizing your workflows and establishing consistent touchpoints across various channels.

Zoho CRM Plus for a comprehensive CRM solution tailored to small businesses

Zoho CRM Plus, our favored choice for the best digital marketing tool as an all-in-one CRM designed for small businesses.

Zoho CRM Plus integrates sales, marketing, and customer support, offering a holistic solution that enhances interactions with leads and customers.

table, communal, initiatives, and alternative platforms into a unified resolution that provides you with the most value for your money. Even when transitioning to higher-priced tiers, Zoho remains budget-friendly considering the array of features at your disposal: advanced analytics, segmentation, connections, and predictive intelligence, among others. 

Feeling swamped with data? Interrogate Zoho’s in-house AI, Zia, regarding your data instead. Zia can even propose new merchandise and amenities to propose to your clients and anticipate their likelihood of engaging with your business again. Zia stands out as one of the top applications of AI in the CRM sector.

Zoho contains one of the more inclusive reporting functions across all CRMs. Numerous pre-designed reports can be personalized to exhibit various perspectives (graph, table, and tabular), all of which are adjustable. You can even scrutinize all the actions and interactions, such as website visits, sales, emails, and campaigns, tied to a consumer or prospect, providing you with a fuller understanding of how each individual engages with your organization.

Zoho CRM also links with Zapier, linking it to numerous other applications to optimize your team’s efficiency. Below are a few methods to automate Zoho CRM, or you can begin with one of the blueprints mentioned below.

Facebook Lead Ads + Zoho CRM

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As those lead advertisements fulfil their role and collect emails, Zapier can direct responders to your CRM—no necessity to hold off until exporting them. Through this fusion, a contact will be automatically generated as a module entry in Zoho CRM from every new Facebook lead with all the necessary details. From there, you can take charge!

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Data input consumes precious time – automate it and save time. This combination assists by automatically appending new Unbounce landing page submissions to Zoho CRM as leads. Once you configure this fusion, new landing page submissions from that point onward are individually added as leads so you can allocate resources to working on those fresh leads.

Zoho CRM Plus pricing: $57/month/user (charged annually) comprises 10 GB data storage for up to 200 users, one brand (10 communal channels), 10 customer service channels, 250+ survey models, and boundless reports. 

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HubSpot for scaling a business 

HubSpot, our choice for the finest CRM for versatility

Businesses aiming to expand their operations might naturally gravitate towards the dominant player in the CRM arena: Salesforce Sales Cloud. However, due to Salesforce’s steep prices, it’s advisable to contemplate the more economical alternative for scaling your business: HubSpot

In contrast to many other CRMs, HubSpot is user-friendly. It also broadens its functionalities with sales extensions, over 1,000 third-party app mergers, and optional Hubs that supplement service, marketing, and other functionalities.

HubSpot’s CRM tool automatically registers emails with your contacts, aids sales squads in navigating and charting sales prospects, and synchronizes data across all marketing assets, facilitating the tracking of all your contact engagements and closing more prospects. 

Moreover, you can combine HubSpot with Zapier, allowing it to collaborate with all your additional digital marketing tools. Delve into more details about how to automate HubSpot, or commence with one of these routines. 

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Who has the time to alternate between platforms repeatedly? Streamline your workflow slightly with this integration, permitting you to automatically insert contacts into Google Ads customer lists once they’re appended to a list in HubSpot. Spare yourself from transferring data back and forth between platforms, resulting in more time for concentrating on significant tasks.

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Your patrons will never overlook a crucial promotional email from you due to failure in updating your Mailchimp list. This HubSpot-Mailchimp integration automatically appends new HubSpot contacts to a Mailchimp list, enabling you to concentrate on crafting the ideal email campaign without the hassle of duplicating your contact list.

HubSpot pricing: Free for up to 5 users; commences at $15/seat/month (charged annually) for the Marketing Hub Starter scheme, which encompasses 10 email automations, list segmentation, and reporting dashboards.

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The greatest digital marketing tools for marketing automation 

Minus automation, marketing teams would dedicate a substantial portion of their time to carrying out mundane tasks rather than concentrating on impactful, overarching responsibilities. Numerous marketing tools exist that enable you to form automated workflows, but some outshine the rest. Here are the finest tools for marketing automation.

Brevo for a cost-efficient all-in-one solution

Brevo, our recommendation for the top digital marketing tool for economical marketing automation.

Regarding marketing automation, Brevo offers the best value for your resources. While the platform is comparatively straightforward and lacks the versatility of other tools, even on a free scheme, you can automate email, SMS, chat (inclusive of social media), and WhatsApp—more mediums than most paid marketing software.  

Brevo’s workflow composer also presents a plethora of choices, incorporating conditions like delays and A/B divisions, and actions like webhooks and CRM updates. Furthermore, the application does not only restrict itself to being solely a marketing workflow composer—its inherent features extend its capacities to also function as your CRM and meeting planning tool.

When you pair Brevo with Zapier, you can automatically carry out tasks such as including contacts from other marketing platforms directly into Brevo. Here are a couple of instances to commence with. Additionally, explore more popular ways to automate Brevo with Zapier.

Facebook Lead Ads + Brevo

Additional particulars

A lead will be automatically included in your Brevo account.

Additional information

Acquire new subscribers directly from form submissions using this convenient Zap. Once activated, this connection will automatically create a Brevo subscriber for every new JotForm entry.

Brevo pricing: The Free plan offers one user, limitless contacts, 300 emails/day, and Brevo branding; Starting at $22/month (billed annually) for the Marketing Starter plan, which provides 20,000 emails/month, basic reporting, and analytics. Opt to remove the Brevo branding for an extra $12/month (available on paid plans).

Klaviyo for ease of use

Klaviyo, our choice for top-notch digital marketing software for drip email campaigns and A/B testing.

The platform also offers several starting points for creating automated workflows such as retaining lost sales, nurturing subscribers, fostering customer loyalty, updating customers on their order status, and sending reminders for abandoned carts.

Zapier is one of Klaviyo’s over 300 integrations. Pair Klaviyo with Zapier to perform tasks like generating subscribers from website form submissions or adding contacts to your customer listings in your preferred PPC platform. For further ideas, explore other methods to automate Klaviyo. Alternatively, begin with one of these ready-made templates.

Have a new connection? Ensure they are included in your list to receive the most pertinent advertisements. Zapier streamlines this task. Simply establish this integration and your customer match lists will be updated via Klaviyo.

Klaviyo pricing: The Free plan includes up to 250 contacts, 500 monthly email dispatches, and 150 monthly SMS/MMS credits; the Email plan commences at $30/month, catering to 1,500 contacts, 15,000 monthly email sends, and mobile push notifications.



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