Free SEO Analyzer

Improve website structure

Making a clear and smooth structure for your website ;
Helping visitors to find their content immediately ;
Submitting website XML sitemap for google to find your page.

Build core keyword

Number of searches brings out the potential of keywords.
Use Google Adword, a keyword planner tool, to get the data without effort.  

Web speed optimization

Optimize your website’s speed to elaborate both user experience and website information.
If a website has a slow web speed, it affects user’s experience. 

Optimize content

Create content for your users!

Add internal links in your content for Google and users to browse your website.


Increase conversion rate

Improve design and function for your website ;
Increase the possibility to execute crucial behavior ;
Elaborate conversion rate to help turning browses into actual orders.

Keyword tracking tool

How important is an effective keyword tracking tool?
Our tool monitors rankings in every locations, updating data every single day. 
If you want to monitor competitor’s rankings, you are able to add them into tracking. 
We will be sending professional analysis to our clients, observing the rankings in every moment.

We will contact you in three days.

seo 工具

Our professional team provides SEO service with comprehensive marketing and data

How do we build a comprehensive service?
First, analyze website’s target audience
Then, use SEO to improve visits and sales 
  • 100% keyword location tracking
  • Competitors SEO / PPC tools
  • Keyword suggestion tools
  • Powerful SEO report tool
We use accurate data to make your SEO better

Our services

Search engine algorithm of the AI age keeps learning through robot every single moment.
The only thing that we should concern is : how to make content more informative and important ?

How do we make our client's website impeccable?

There are 60% of users using cellphone to browse the internet. 
As a result, RWD will be more important.  
A website need to produce clear content and popular keywords with an excellent user experience. 

Page optimization

  • Internal link structure
  • HTML code optimization
  • Website copywriting
  • Content optimization

Website audit

  • Website speed
  • HTTPS secure
  • Link failure detection
  • Google Analytics

Content marketing

  • Improve conversion rate by creating a blog
  • Define target audience, provide valuable content
  • Optimize content, add in keywords
  • Create professional brand image

SEO Analysis tool

  • Keyword suggestion tools
  • Competitors analysis
  • Website audit
  • Backlinks analysis

Why SEO service is important for businesses?

The main reason is to reduce advertising costs
If you put a core keyword in Google Adwords, it gains 1000 click through rates every month. You have to spend $20000 a month, and $240000 a year for every clicks. Not to mention that a website has more than one core keyword.
Your core keywords will be ranked 10th after using SEO service, and will probably save many costs by using it.
There’s no need to pay for any clicks, and worry about your advertising budget, the website stays as long as you’re focusing on optimizing your SEO. 

Optimize code

1. Optimize web structure

2. Add SSL

3. Responsive web design

Website content optimization

Create valuable content ;
Produce keywords and tags into topics ;
Attracts users and search engine.

SEO monitoring tool

Users are able to log in our SEO monitoring tool and observe every keyword rankings, competitor’s ranking, and continuously receiving reports. 

optimized website
Years Of Services

Successful Cases

As a pioneer of digital market in Taiwan, we hope to elaborate skills and design to small and medium enterprises. 

We believe a good website achieves a great business!

    what our clients say?

    • My website is having a great result because of Tenten’s service. Our website ranked top 5 with LSI keywords about “Kwang Yang Motor” and generated over 3000 traffics a day. It has helped us convert our traffic into revenues, saving our advertising budget.

    • I was lucky to have Tenten’s help of building an e-commerce platform. Our website has become one of the best organic vegetables delivery platform in Taiwan and ranked top 5 with LSI keywords about “organic vegetables”. Orders from the website becomes an indispensable part of our life. We appreciate Tenten for letting us being impeccable!

      Sua Lee
      Tien Tien Store Manager
    • We’d been buying keywords to create exposure for our website and had over 500 thousands advertising costs a year. After Tenten helped us with SEO, our website ranked top 5 with LSI keywords about “creating advertisement”. Within three months, we reaped the best results and save so much budget on advertising costs.

      DC Films Director


    Our tools provides customized price.

    The price will be flexible and transparent.

    SEO starter

    2 sets of keywords
    $300/ words
    • 2 sets of keyword plans
    • rankings report
    • price with the level of word popularity
    • start to charge when the goal is reached
    • highest price for $10000 every month
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    SEO basic

    5 sets of keywords
    $200/ words
    • 5 sets of keyword plans
    • rankings report
    • 10 content pages
    • provide web analysis
    • price with the level of word popularity
    • start to charge when the goal is reached
    • highest price for $30000 every month
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    SEO professional

    decide set of keywords and anticipate rankings
    $150/ words
    • 8 sets of keyword plans
    • rankings report
    • 15 content pages
    • provide web analysis
    • price with the level of word popularity
    • start to charge when the goal is reached
    • highest price for $50000 every month
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