Keyword marketing
creates everlasting value

SEO works through Google keyword research, leading your customers to find your website.
Better organic ranking, Better CTR, Better exposure, More business deals


The main reason is to reduce advertising costs


If you put a core keyword in Google Adwords:

One month= 1,000 clicks  20 TWD/clicks   = $20,000 TWD/month

One year= $240,000 TWD/clicks

Your core keywords will be ranked 10th after using SEO service, and will probably save many costs by using it.
There’s no need to pay for any clicks, and worry about your advertising budget, the website stays as long as you’re focusing on optimizing your SEO.


Our professional consulting helps building legitimate strategies with social media for your products and business.

Optimize your page

Help building internal links, optimizing codes and content.

Internal review for website

Upgrade website speed, HTTP secure, and link failure detection.

Content marketing

Create keywords to look for target audience, improve conversion rates, and optimize your content.

SEO monitoring tools

Analyze keywords and competitors, website review.


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How do we make your SEO better ?

Understanding that people use advertisement or black hat SEO for better ranking results, an immediate drop can be expected.

We ensure that we would 100% follow the rules of Google algorithm when operating your SEO.

My website is not having enough traffic

Some of the reasons is because of unwell website design
, weak keywords, unclear content, non responsive web design, or not using a valid social media.

We will help you to improve all these problems when you start working with us.

My web design is bad and I need guidance

A bad web design means to bring negative perspectives to visitors. It feels like the website doesn’t even exist when the page is perfect on PC but not on phone.

Google can't find my website

Google may think that your website is indexed in the first place.
There are a bunch of reasons for failing on search engine results, for example:
robots.txt files error, unavailable links, Google penalty, illegitimate internal links and backlinks,
target keywords aren’t placed in the title or the page.

We've spent a lot of money on PPC every month

If you have already paid PPC for more click through rates but wanting to save money on budget, we will tell you how to use content marketing to reduce PPC costs and improve rankings.

What do we need to prepare for SEO?

Before doing SEO, you will have to consider how clients find your website.
Prepare as many keywords as possible, company names, and industry information.

And we will do the rest.

SEO process

Keep innovating, We are an audacious unicorn, bringing traffic and conversions to our clients with integrity

Step 1

Keyword analysis

Keyword analysis

Analyzing your competitor’s keywords, collecting data, using optimizing tools to create more keyword options.


Advance search and backlinks

Advance search and backlinks

Final audit for the website, create strategic backlinks, increase publicity, and analyze competitive backlinks.

Step 2

Assign keywords

Assign keywords

With keyword analysis, we will get the information for decision making, search engine page ranking, and optimize the website right away.

Step 5

Optimize internal links

Optimize internal links

A search engine friendly structure is often created with internal links. We are here to help you with building internal links and optimize keywords.

Step 3

Code optimization

Code optimization

Optimize your page title, meta description, keywords, and guarantee the stability of your website structure.

Step 4

Content marketing

Content marketing

Your SEO will be improved through high quality content.

Immediate search from clients ; lead generation

Your page will show up on the first result page, guiding your clients and leads to find your website.

24-7 service

Non-stop service ; we bring customers to your business.

Build brand awareness on a limited budget

Building brand awareness without black hat SEO

what our clients say?

  • My website is having a great result because of Tenten’s service. Our website ranked top 5 with LSI keywords about “Kwang Yang Motor” and generated over 3000 traffics a day. It has helped us convert our traffic into revenues, saving our advertising budget.

  • I was lucky to have Tenten’s help of building an e-commerce platform. Our website has become one of the best organic vegetables delivery platform in Taiwan and ranked top 5 with LSI keywords about “organic vegetables”. Orders from the website becomes an indispensable part of our life. We appreciate Tenten for letting us being impeccable!

    Sua Lee
    Tien Tien Store Manager
  • We’d been buying keywords to create exposure for our website and had over 500 thousands advertising costs a year. After Tenten helped us with SEO, our website ranked top 5 with LSI keywords about “creating advertisement”. Within three months, we reaped the best results and save so much budget on advertising costs.

    DC Films Director

Further questions?

Our marketing rep is here to help