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SEO keywords ranking tools

Full analysis of your website

The SEO analysis and monitoring tools you need

100% accurate keyword rank tracking tools

Track the rankings of your keywords according to your location, area, and city.

Able to track in different browsers like Google, Yahoo, or Bing

Keyword ranking tools

Track with different devices

  • Keyword ranking
  • Google analysis report integration
  • Competitors analysis ranking
  • Transparent charge report

Tracking global market accurately

If your are having a global business,
SEO keyword ranking tools help you save times.

You are able to set any city or zip code tracking the keywords ranking of Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

seo 工具

Observing your competitors

Pick five competitors and observe their rankings

optimized pages

Tracking your competitor's ranking

Tracking targeted keywords and rankings of your five competitors ; 
You can also monitor ten competitors that we picked for you 

Comprehensive web audit

Don’t let website code decrease your visibility on search engine ;

Over 70 parameters comprehensive analyzed reviews ;

Extensively understand the problems ;

Find solutions for low rankings

Keyword ranking solution and research tools

Understand extensively with the selected keywords:

month popularity, KEI, competition, suggested price, number of search results and rankings


Draw up a SEO plan according to web analysis

Unlike normal SEO company, we’ve got powerful data to back us up.

From choosing keywords to practical operation, we have accurate report for our clients.

Data observation is our first step of doing SEO.

Our clients

Successful Cases

As a pioneer of digital market in Taiwan, we hope to elaborate skills and design to small and medium enterprises. 

We believe a good website achieve a great business!

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    Our clients are from listed company in Taiwan, international unicorn company. and large e-commerce platform.

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