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Our professional team provides SEO service with comprehensive marketing and data

How do we build a comprehensive service?
First, analyze website’s target audience
Then, use SEO to improve visits and sales 
  • 100% keyword location tracking
  • Competitors SEO / PPC tools
  • Keyword suggestion tools
  • Powerful SEO report tool

Why SEO Service is Important for Business?

The main reason is to reduce advertising costs
If you put a core keyword in Google Adwords, it gains 1000 click through rates every month. You have to spend $20000 a month, and $240000 a year for every clicks. Not to mention that a website has more than one core keyword.
Your core keywords will be ranked 10th after using SEO service, and will probably save many costs by using it.
There’s no need to pay for any clicks, and worry about your advertising budget, the website stays as long as you’re focusing on optimizing your SEO. 

Optimize code

1. Optimize web structure

2. Add SSL

3. Responsive web design

Website content optimization

Create valuable content ;
Produce keywords and tags into topics ;
Attracts users and search engine.


SEO monitoring tool

Users are able to log in our SEO monitoring tool and observe every keyword rankings, competitor’s ranking, and continuously receiving reports. 

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Already found tons of SEO company to operate your website?
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TenTen SEO helps to solve your problem, keep your ranking stays on the first page!


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