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Email Direct Marketing (EDM)

Newsletter Marketing
Does your company put emphasis on newsletter?
Except for selling products,
newsletter is able to help building customer’s loyalty.
According to Google, 74% of people use mobile phone to receive their emails.
Another report shows that over 66% of emails are opened through mobile phones and tablets.

Newsletter tool

MailChimp is an email newsletter tool, sending scheduled newsletter to clients, and also a tool to work on newsletter marketing.
You are able to get various functions and templates without installing and knowing how to code.
Managing clients’ groups;
tracking email activity at the same time.
Why did we choose MailChimp?
MailChimp sends newsletters through cloud.
The charge will be free if you have less than 2000 users, 12000 mails.
Mailchimp 電子報設計

Newslettter tracking reports

MailChimp automatically calculates every amount of mails that are opened.
You are allow to post newsletter on Facebook and Twitter,

operate A/B test, find out the best CTRs.

MailChimp also integrates Wordpress content management system.

You are able to add in subscription form after installing MailChimp plugin for WordPress,

managing all subscription of designated clients lists.

Design your own newsletter template

A powerful editor operates without any HTML skills.
Marketers are able to send mails on their own.

Categorize every forms,
Manage marketing campaigns on a single platform

Acquire the result of every lists accurately

Send tracking reports in detail

It is crucial to know the results of every newsletter marketing campaign.
MailChimp has a powerful tracking function to collect important statistics like open rate and click through rate.

Multiple templates for option

Connect lists of different languages, manage various lists at the same time

Connect newsletter subscription

Integration of newsletter subscription and MailChimp

Easier for sending, no need to insert lists
$12000/ per time
  • sign up account
  • connect website newsletter subscription
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Integration and design of newsletter subscription and MailChimp

1 newsletter template design
$18000/ per time
  • sign up account
  • connect website newsletter subscription
  • 1 newsletter template design
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sendy edm tool
Does MailChimp's monthly cost out of your budget?

Low-priced sending system
- Sendy

sendy edm
Subscribers and ad costs are increasing through times.
Sendy is a self-managing email program that only send trackable emails.
Through Amazon Simple Email Service (SES), you are able to send an amount of authorized emails with a low price.
  • Clients are able to log in and send it by themselves
  • Send through Amazon SES
  • Set up scheduled time
  • Sending accurate report

The beginning of TENTEN SEO

How do our clients receive the best rankings on SEO?
It all starts with website optimization..
There are lots of SEO companies help your website to be ranked on top in a fastest way,
They claim to charge you after reaping the results.
As long as you stop making contract with the company, your rankings fall rapidly.
How does that happen?
The answer is, they take away all of your backlinks.
After that, you are forced to spend lots of ad costs.
Is it that hard to do a great SEO?
Ten Ten SEO is here to serve.

Successful Cases

As a pioneer of digital market in Taiwan, we hope to elaborate skills and design to small and medium enterprises.

We believe a good website achieve a great business!

We are willing
to help you

Already found tons of SEO company to operate your website?
Reaping results in short period of time but the ranking dropped as long as you stop their services?
TenTen SEO helps to solve your problem, keep your ranking stays on the first page!


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